Why you choose Netherlands as your travel destination?


Why you choose Netherlands as your travel destination?

The Netherlands is a land of windmills, tulips, canals and unique architecture.

The tourism sector is becoming increasingly important to the Dutch economy. The Dutch government aims to boost the number of foreign visitors to the Netherlands.
According to a report by Statistics Netherlands and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the tourism growth is stronger in the Netherlands than in most other European countries. The country showed a positive peak in tourism in Western Europe

With a history as rich as the Netherlands', you will find historic sites at every turn.
The capital, Amsterdam, is famous for its waterways.

Rotterdam is Europe's largest port. The Hague is home to the queen and a center for international diplomacy. Delft and Haarlem are smaller, character-rich cities.
Every city and town in the Netherlands has open-air markets at least one day a week. Some specialize in organic foods or antiques; most are held on beautiful central squares.

The Netherlands has one of the highest proficiency levels in English in the world. In a major city, you will have no problems at all, as everyone speaks English. Students actually do their university courses in English.

This country features a highly developed transportation infrastructure.
Public transportation network makes it relatively easy to travel in and around Dutch cities and towns, allowing visitors to experience all corners of the Netherlands.

The country's rail networks and intercity bus services provide the best means of getting around.

Travelers may be able to save some money by purchasing various tourist passes. For example, free access to numerous museums and attractions as well as public transportation.
Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport operates as the primary international airport and point of entry to the Netherlands. Situated eight miles outside of town, the airport has direct rail links, which shuttle passengers to and from Amsterdam's city center as well as other Dutch cities.

The country is small enough that domestic air travel is not usually practical.

The Netherlands is extremely bike-friendly. Many people have the trip of a lifetime using bicycle.
Most modes of transport, such as trains and buses, are friendly to cyclists and their bikes. Dedicated bike routes go virtually everywhere

Any Dutch town you visit is liable to be blanketed with bicycle paths. They are either on the streets or in the form of smooth off-road routes.

Renting a boat is a popular way to river tours, lakes and inland seas. Boats come in all shapes and sizes, from canoes to motor boats, small sailing boats, and large and historic former cargo sloops

In addition, The Netherlands is one of Europe's most kid-friendly countries. Locals are welcoming towards them (and their parents). Many attractions are tailored to or specifically designed for younger visitors, and enduring icons such as castles and windmills captivate all ages.

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