Why Iran


 Why you could choose Iran as Travel destination?

1.Security and proper transportation system. 
Forget about all the false rumors that you have heard about the lack of security in Iran in various media. 
Iran is a safe and secure country. 
To prove this, just read the travel logs of the ordinary people who have traveled to Iran and listen to their conversations about the security and tranquility of traveling in Iran. 
Many men and women travel individually or in groups with their own cars or using public transportation throughout the day and night in Iran without any problems.

2 Iranians are very hospitable people. 

During your trip you will hear the word "welcome" very much. Because kindness and hospitality are prominent features of Iranian culture. This feature is visible throughout Iran.

3. Variety of climates and nature.

In addition to having different climates, Iran has diverse native cultures in different regions. You will experience different weather every season you travel to Iran. From snow in the cool mountains to swimming on the warm and beautiful beaches. From spa springs to travel in the desert and play with desert sands. From the silence in small natural places to crowded cities. Kurdish people and the Lore, the Turks, the Persians and the Baluch people with different cultures and traditions that will all embrace you.

4 Ancient and long history of Iran. 

Traveling in Iranian's history is very attractive for all foreign visitors. 
Visiting Achaemenid and Sassanid palaces, fireplaces, mosques and churches will bring you to the glorious history of Iran. 
An exciting journey from ancient Iran to modern Iran, from Achaemenids to Sasanid from Safavid to Qajar, Pahlavi to the Islamic Revolution, from which you will find signs.

5. Iranian Architecture. 

If you are interested in art and culture and architecture, you must have read in the history of art books about the architecture of Persian people. 
Many styles and arts have been formed in the earliest days of human history in Iran. 
You can see these arts everywhere in a small house or a big palace, in the mosque or church, in the market or caravanserai. everywhere you will see the art of the Persian people.

6. Iranian dishes. 

Iran has diverse vegetation and animal diversity due to different climates. For this reason, various foods are cooked in Iran with various spices. Foods like Kebab, Qorme Sabzi ,all kinds of soups and etc.
In addition to food, Iranian people like sweets and desserts. 
With regard to the local culture of each region, you can find sweets and special desserts of each area and make your journey more enjoyable. 
You can even use oil of aromatic plants or enjoy medicinal plants, pistachios, saffron and Iranian tea.

7. Iranian handcraft. 

In many Iranian cities, you will find various handicrafts which produced in Iran, such as needlework for Baloch women, silk weaving and Terme weaving in Yazd, Kerman carpet or carpet in Tabriz, working with turquoise in Isfahan and hundreds of other art which is special for Iranians. 
When you return to your country, you will have plenty of souvenirs from these beautiful handcraft.

8. A quiet and peaceful atmosphere. 

Iran has a happy and peaceful environment. Photographs in most parts of Iran are free and allowed. 
In Iran, you can find cozy and quiet cafes and restaurants that the Iranians will be delighted to welcome you. They are ready to guide you and help you if you need it.

9. Iran is a cheap country. 

The cost of public transportation in Iran is very cheap. Using the train, metro and bus is very affordable. Accommodation in hotels and Inns is very convenient and enjoyable. 
Handicraft prices are cheaper than other countries. 
Healthy drinking water and all kinds of foods can be bought in abundance at very cheap prices in Iran. 
The cost of entering historic sites is so low that you decide to visit a place many times.

10. Literature and cultural and artistic background of Iranians. 

Iranian literature and culture is very different from other Muslim countries.
Throughout the history of this country, you can find traces of the poems of great poets like Ferdowsi, Hafez and Saadi. You have heard something from the book of Ferdowsi's Shahnameh.
Music and painting in Iran have a special place. 
Traveling to Iran and seeing the beautiful paintings and handwriting of the great Iranian calligraphers, will provide you with beautiful memories.


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